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Part of a Long Island Rail Road Advertisement, "Points of Interest", which illustrated the Richmond Hill Club in the 1890's

Illustration of the Richmond Hill Club from Long Island Railroad Points of Interest

The illustration is part of a larger area of illustrations depicting other points of interest in Richmond Hill from the Long Island Rail Road's Advertisement. Unfortunately, this structure no longer exists but there are still some "points of interest" that still exist in Richmond Hill today that were shown back in the 1890's from the LIRR advertisement such as "Doyle's Triangle Hotel" which would later become the Triangle Hofbrau, and "Dr. W. C. Fiske's Office and Residence" which was also known as the "Lefferts Farm Cottage".

Over time as Richmond Hill grew so did the Richmond Hill Club which would add another wing on the left of the building as seen in the illustration from the Long Island Rail Road's advertisement.
Due to the sparseness of development which is evident in the photo, and it appears that Hillside Avenue is still a dirt road, (Hillside Avenue was constructed from Richmond Hill to 175th Street, Jamaica in 1870) not surprising that the Richmond Hill Club would soon become one of the featured highlights along the Long Island Rail Road for sightseers as well as some other points of interest in Richmond Hill during the late 1890's as it developed into a new community.

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About the Richmond Hill Club
Courtesy of the Carl Ballenas Collection

Photo of the Richmond Hill Club circa 1880's
(Photograph of the Richmond Hill Club, circa 1888-89 on Hillside Avenue between Lefferts Blvd. and 121st Street)

In the vast foreground is Hillside Avenue between what would become Lefferts Blvd and 121st Street. In the background is Jamaica Avenue with only a few buildings along side it. 
This building was originally the first school house of Richmond Hill known as Public School #8 (Note the school bell tower) which was originally located on Lefferts Avenue (Blvd) between Hillside Avenue and Central (85th) Avenue directly across from the Church of the Resurrection. 
When the growing population needed a larger school built, the developers decided rather than demolish the school house, they would relocate the structure to Hillside Avenue between Lefferts Blvd. and 121st Street and convert the old school house into the Richmond Hill Club for the male residents of Richmond Hill where they could conduct meetings and socialize. The photo above shows when the building was finally relocated. The new school to be built was the Johnson School on Johnson Avenue (118th St.) which is today called Public School #51 on 117th Street between Jamaica and 89th Avenues. The original PS #51 was a wooden structure and was replaced and relocated by the 1920's on 117th Street where it still remains today. The present school building has also been renovated through the years as well as the school yard with new brightly colored facilities. There is however, still seen today atop the flight of stairs that lead to the entrance of the school, a pedestal with a brass bell on it which is the original school bell from the first school house Public School #8.

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